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Дата статьи: 2016-04-19

Call for 4 participants (age 18-22) and 1 group leader for the youth exchange in Debrecen, Hungary!

Dates:14 – 21 August 2016


Summary:The DISCOVER THE EUROPEAN VALUES!” Project will be between 14 – 21st of August 2016. It is a multilateral youth exchange with the aim of improving the knowledge and skills of the young participants and youth workers with information about the subject of the project. In this case, the project aims to develop cultural understanding, initiative and entrepreneurship.

With that goal, the project involves a total of 20 people (4 articipants between the age of 18-22 + 1 leader, no age limit) from 4 different countries. We intend that all of the participating groups and participants acquire knowledge in the field of each country’s culture, puppet traditions, and to develop information dissemination elements to create a multiplier effect by young people once they return to their place of origin.

The language of the project will be English.